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About Us

Our team works to celebrate the love and connection between animal and human. We believe that our dogs, cats and horses bring so much joy and meaning to our lives, they deserve only the best!

Rooted in health & wellness we we work to educate our customers with the hope to help individuals & their pets live happy healthy lives.

Providing the highest quality products our goal is to enhance the health, fun, love and care we share with our four legged friends!

Olive Grove

Our Vision

"Rooted" the original word that started it all. Not just a brand, but more of a way of living. Rooted represents the concept of being grounded in yourself, your values and what you believe in. We believe that the key to growth is having a sturdy foundation that allows you to grow and branch out into the strongest and most beautiful version of yourself.

Our Foundation

The Human Animal Connection

Health & Wellness

Philanthropy- Giving Back

The Environment - Sustainability


How it all Began

Founded in 2018, Rooted Health & Wellness LLC was established with the mission of providing quality natural alternatives for both human & animal. Offering top quality CBD products for pets, horses & people, we continue to develop and research ingredients and methods that improve the wellbeing, performance and quality of life of our customers. 

Our strong roots with animals encouraged us to branch out to other products that celebrate the connection, and strengthen the synergy between individuals, pets, & horses. Our vision has now grown into Rooted Horse & Hound, focusing on building the love, care, & bond we have with our animals.

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